Do You Know of Any China Sock Materials?

By HX Wenli
January 5, 2022

Chapter 1: Introduction to China Socks Materials

What are China socks?

Socks are foot wearable for all seasons. China is not lagging in the industry of socks. Every time you visit the wholesale market in China, you will get what? A vast collection of socks with numerous varieties.
Why many varieties, right? Because of changes in season, fabrics, and obviously, colors.

Main production areas for China socks

China is one of the massive production units in the world. As per stats, about 30% of socks out of the total in the world are produced in China’s city Zhuji. It doesn’t end here only. Instead, about 58% of US socks come from China.


In all aspects, Chinese socks are leading the Westerns areas of the globe. You can imagine the popularity of China socks around the community.

Why should you consider China socks?

Good question. I suppose to answer it in a better way. You know, why? Because it is your right to find the exact item and get it at the best price. For B2B dealings, you must understand why only Chinese socks. Here are some aspects that might answer your question.

  • Quality socks. High standard manufacturing and durable fabrics.
  • Diverse varieties of socks. Especially those that are unavailable in most locations of the World.
  • Best price. Wholesale rates for B2B sellers and traders.

How do you know the China sock materials?

Knowing quality is one aspect while realizing China socks materials is another. Maybe you know the answer. If not, let me give you a simple example. Athletic socks may comprise different manufacturing materials. And relevant types of material will determine the quality. Never compare it with the other socks’ materials.
To understand the material, have a quick examination! If you are aware of the types of China socks material, get the best material for socks always. As simple as that to know China socks material.

2. Chinese sock materials

Chapter 2: What are the different kinds of socks?

There are six types of China socks. For example, dress socks. You must be thinking, why so many varieties, right? Precise answer! Different events require different styles. So, relevant types of socks will enhance your glamour. Here are some types of stockings.

Dress Socks

Are you getting ready for a party? You must prepare yourself for it. Not a bigger problem for men because simple settings can make them look elegant. Good get-up with dress socks make them feel great! At parties or events, you usually wear dress socks.
They are mainly available in black colors with different designs drawn on them. Make sure your dress socks are comfortable. You might wonder, why? Because you might have to dance. Comfortable dress socks will make you do activities better and feel confident.

Business Socks

For a professional look, you put on a fabulous tuxedo. A matching tie even adds to the beauty. What if you don’t have matching shoes and socks? A serious concern, right? That’s where business socks come into action. Quite different from dress socks. Instead, favorable for a professional attitude.
Dress socks usually come in different colors. Mostly, brown, black, and gray color! Moreover, you have access to multiple patterns as well.

Quick Tip: Choose your dress socks according to matching suit! Black for black!

Casual Socks

Great news for you! You have no limitations in terms of designs, colors, and styles when we talk about casual socks. You can even try different slogans as well. Print the taglines on your socks! That’s all. Causal socks are for regular use. Not for professional or sports purposes.
Usually, at home, picnic, or even shopping centers, you wear what? Casual socks, right? These are your versatile wearable partners! Go ahead with them wherever you go!

Sports Socks

Sports socks are powerful than other casual or dress types socks. Especially for athletic activities, you can wear sports socks. Nylon or wool is a central manufacturing component. No matter you are hiking, running, or playing football, socks support you in every aspect.
To prevent blebs on the skin, these socks keep moisture away. You can expect better strength and stretching features as well. So, you meet the goals of ultimate power during running or playing sports.

Thermal Socks

Facing hard times with socks in winter? Try right socks—thermal socks! Specially designed for the winter season, thermal socks keep your feet dry and warm. Complete safety from the adverse effects of cold weather. Thermal socks are just great for all ages of people. Maybe you are old or young, you can just try it.
They are bulky and closely knitted wool to keep your feet warm. To avoid smell production, they don’t let your feet get wet. Enjoy a great experience during the journey!

Specialist Socks

Finally, we are at specialist stockings. Very much different from all types of socks! Specialist socks include compression socks in Chinese socks. They are for medical support garments. For example, wear them if you have cardiac problems or are at risk of blood clots. Compression socks will prevent excessive squeezing of your blood vessels.
For diabetic or other types of patients, you have access to a wide variety of specialist socks. They support every aspect of treatment. That’s why we call them “specialist socks.”

Chapter 3: What are the different sizes of China socks?

The length of socks also matters when it comes to proper dressing sense. Too long might cause problems in jogging! The opposite goes for too short socks. So, keep a balance between the length of the socks and the type of sports.
That’s why there are different lengths of Chinese socks. For B2B trades, you must know all these lengths of China socks. Have a look at them!

3. Chinese sock materials

Ankle Socks

New fashion for people nowadays! Ankle socks are very much short and expand up to your ankles. In the summer season, you can observe the use of these types of socks overly. When ankles socks are on your feet with your shoes, they might not appear externally. Wondering, why? Because they are short and hidden under your shoes. But, feel very much fashionable! A popular trend among men and women today!

Crew Length Socks

Larger in size than the ankle socks. They might have six to ten inches more size and cover this length of your leg above the ankle. You can say it is a more popular version of socks. Usually, athletes, men, women, and kids wear crew-length socks to keep blisters away. Up to mid-leg, you can feel better while running or walking with crew-length socks. If you are looking for crew-length socks, why wait? Go ahead and find a China socks factory.

Calf-length socks

Calf-length socks extend up to the calf muscles of the leg. These are popular among runners. Especially if I talk about footballers, they wear calf-length socks. This approach prevents moisture and gives ultimate comfort for athletic activities. Sometimes, during the winter season, men and women equally wear these types of socks.

Knee-High socks

Knee-high socks come under the category of more fashionable wearables. Wear knee-high socks and impress the world with your new styles. Different patterns, colors, and styles of socks are no longer difficult to achieve when there are knee-high socks. Either at a party or event, just pull up your knee-high socks and enhance your grace.

Over-the-knee socks

Over-the-knee socks are another flexible type of stockings. Simply the best for short outfits! For example, if you wear shorts, great! Over-the-knee socks can protect your legs and even thighs. For women who wear skirts, this can be a perfect choice in any season. Keep your style up and be confident with over-the-knee socks.

Chapter 4: What material is used in China socks?

China sock material matters a lot. For the socks business, you have to make sure the best material for socks. No doubt you have to keep all types of socks in your stores, but, you know, quality speaks. That’s what every customer looks for in a brand. However, here are some popular sock materials in Chinese socks. Go through them!


The most used material is cotton. Most people prefer it. There is a misconception among the people about 100% cotton. Remember, no material has 100% cotton in them. You know, why? Many causes. They worn-out quickly and cause blisters due to sweat absorption.
The maximum percentage of cotton in China sock material is about 80-90%. Three major types of cotton used in sock material are out there.

1. Common Cotton

This is the simplest variety of cotton. Popular for China sock material. Common cotton socks have 70-80% of cotton along with nylon or some portions of polyester to increase elasticity. You can better get the idea of strength by trying it. These socks are for daily use.

2. Combed Cotton

Combed cotton contains long and straight cotton fibers to increase durability. It is more resistant to adverse effects and, hence, works for longer periods. Due to its ultimate softness, you can use it for sensitive skin. The great thing about combed cotton items is their anti-odor and anti-moisturizing features.

3. Mercerized Cotton

Mercerized cotton is quite different from the common and combed cotton. It involves changes in the cell structure of cotton fibers and has a great affinity for dyes. By that means, different colors can penetrate the fibers and give an amazing final touch. Business socks usually have mercerized cotton providing the business entity with ultimate comfort while working at the office.


People’s choice for summer! Bamboo is one of the most popular materials used in socks. It is better than cotton. You might ask, how exactly it is better than cotton? Because it repels bad odors, more absorbing power, and keeps moistures miles away.
Surprisingly, it has antibacterial activity. By that means complete protection from germs in the summer season. That’s why most people prefer it during hot weather.


Polyester is powerful sock material, especially for better support and durability. It is hydrophobic and more resistant to wrinkles. Not only it is great for the winter season but also it doesn’t fade quickly.
They are flexible and best for extreme workouts. No matter you go to the gym or play football, these socks will support you. Help you in a better way.
One bad thing about it! It doesn’t absorb moisture and is not good for people who sweat excessively. Blisters might arise on your skin during summer.


Nylon also called polyamide, offers more tensile strength than polyester. It is about 10 times more durable than cotton. No doubt it is great for sock material but it lacks moisture absorbing features. So, fungal infection is common.
To avoid adverse effects, make sure you don’t sweat excessively. Otherwise, go for a better option in this respect. Chinese Nylon socks were famous in the 80s and 90s as a popular choice for sock material.
Nowadays, you can find it quite easily, but it is not very much popular. You know, why? Because you have access to other durable socks that are cheap and work for a longer duration.

4Chinese sock


Acrylic socks include synthetic material —acrylic. Very much soft and priced at low rates compared to natural fibers. The best thing about these socks is their warming features along with their softness. Therefore, it is best for the winter season.
Some negative effects are available too. For example, it doesn’t absorb the water. Maybe you feel itching once you wear it for some moments. Acrylic is less durable and wears out quickly. However, you can try it to enjoy the softness. Usually, acrylic socks contain acrylic blended with other materials such as cotton.

5 China sock


Modal is not an ordinary material effective for the socks. Instead, we derive it from the beech tree fibers. Softness gives a finishing touch to your dressing. Chinese socks usually contain modal fibers weaved with cotton or spandex to improve durability and flexibility.
Since everyone loves comfort zone, modal socks can provide you with it. It is better for drawing multiple patterns with colorful designs. Doesn’t fade out quickly. Easy to use and effective for simple activities.

Merino Wool

Merino wool relates us to the history of New Zealand. Not just durable but also smoothness makes it super easy to wear and enjoy. Merino wool comes from the Merino sheep in New Zealand. Going for a long journey? Try merino wool socks.
It prevents moisturization and is breathable. These are popular for hiking activities. Don’t you want to try it? Just go ahead!

Viscose Rayon

This is man-made fabric but not synthetic. Derived from wood pulp, it is not perfect cotton or wool but similar to them. In simple words, it mimics the texture of cotton and wool.
Socks don’t contain the Rayon material alone. Instead, some other components, such as cotton, polyester, are available too. It is soft, smooth, and durable for longer periods. One negative aspect about it is—They lose strength when wet. However, they are ideal for hot weather and support the feet.


Polypropylene also named Olefin, is a popular material used in sports socks. It is soft, durable, and effective during all seasons. Whenever you sweat, it absorbs it and dries quickly. What will be the result? Smooth running and athletic activities, right? Yes, you can expect great features from polypropylene in every season.


Tencel is Lyocell fiber extracted from the wood pulp of Eucalyptus or Oak trees. Nontoxic and suitable for the environment. The production process is also eco-friendly. That’s why Tencel socks add positive impacts on our environment.
Tencel is more durable and effective in every way for your feet. No matter you sweat excessively or have sensitive skin, it works well with your feet. Quickly absorbs the moisture and keeps it away from your feet. Great experience ahead with these socks.
Great things about it include—softness, smoothness, elasticity, and durability. Due to quality control manufacturing, it can be a bit expensive compared to cotton or other species of materials.

6 China sock materials


Spandex (also called Lycra) is a synthetic fiber made from polyester and polyurethane. Do you know why it is famous? Because of ultimate resistance to tearing when stretched extensively. Spandex socks not only contain Lycra but also mixtures of cotton or wool to enhance their performance and give a great finish.
If your socks tear quickly playing physical games, try spandex socks. I believe they won’t disappoint you ever!

Chapter 5: What should I look for in China socks?

Socks Chinese are prevalent around the globe. But, when it comes to buying them, you must be very careful. You know, why? Because you might face scams and get duplicate items as well. Moreover, unknown, you might get at low-quality socks as well. So, it is better to assess the following factors than regret them later.

Quality of socks

What is your ultimate goal to get Chinese socks? Maybe quality socks, right? Why not find it while ordering the wholesale suppliers or factories. The quality of socks relates to their durability.
Let’s suppose you are opening a socks brand. Customers will always ask for quality. If you want success, be customer-friendly. And how will you be that? By importing quality socks in your stores. That’s why you should conduct some research, manually check the quality, and boom! You will get quality socks always.

7. Quality of socks

Which materials they are of

China socks Material is also a crucial factor. You might ask, why? Because every sock material has different features. For example, Wool socks offer softness while spandex socks elasticity. So, every sock material is a way different from the other. It is something that makes the whole aspect very much essential to understand.
Remember, keep the needs of customers in front. Go for the popular types of materials in your local areas. If nylon sock material is popular, why not keep stocks of it in your store. It is the best strategy that never fails. Closely check the material, examine its quality, and buy it. So simple!

Tip: Go for the best material for socks!

Cost of socks Chinese

Is your business in the early phase? If yes, you need to keep a balance between the price and quality. Never bend over the item for the sake of cost. Rather prefer the quality items but at a fair price.
In simple words, purchase cost-effective inventory. You know, why? Because it will save you some bucks. You can spend those bucks in-store management or buy new items as well.
Clients are love for you, right? Why not enable them to get quality items at low prices? That’s why always look for wholesale prices for socks Chinese. While purchasing the item, keep an eye on quality as well.

Tip: Go for wholesale socks China suppliers

Are they safe to use?

Some socks Chinese have toxic effects on the body. Who doesn’t love health? Even I would pin the famous quote here, “Health is Wealth.” Be eco-friendly and expect better things for your physical fitness. Low-quality socks involve an unhygienic production process. Even the material is not eco-friendly.
What will you expect from these types of socks? Obviously, adverse effects on your health. So, make sure you manually monitor the manufacturing process in the factory. Assess quality standards and get eco-friendly sock material.

Are they soft and durable?

Simple question. Why do you wear socks? To support your feet during summer or winter. Maybe I should refer to all seasons. What if your socks are not soft? They cause itching. Possibly, you will replace them. Why not buy soft and durable socks?
That’s what you should look into China socks. Go through the best material for socks. Determine whether the material is soft or not. The best strategy includes buying quality socks with a smooth experience.

8 Quality of socks

Do they absorb moisture and dry quickly?

Remember, your good health is necessary. If a sock quickly gets wet, what do you expect from it? Maybe itching while walking, right? Sometimes, blebs might arise on your skin. It is another crucial problem. That’s why you should be selective in your choices.
Learn about the best material for socks and go for it. If a socks material offers strength but does not dry quickly, neglect it. You know, why? Maybe you get adverse effects on your health. An exception to this is— If you don’t sweat excessively, you can try it. So, this can help you approach quality socks at the best price.

Chapter 6: How can I purchase the socks Chinese?

Quite a simple process if you know China wholesale market. If you don’t know, JustChinaIt is available to help you through the process.
Here are some tips to follow.

  • Choose reliable sources for purchasing the product.
  • Don’t have time? Go for sourcing agencies
  • Quality control is a must.
  • Wholesale prices must be your target.
  • Buy only cost-effective items

For the socks brand, it is essential to understand the wholesale market in China. Here are two basic ways to get Wholesale socks in China.

Direct sock manufacturers China:

Direct sock manufacturers in China are factories working around the country. They don’t involve any third party. You can directly go to them and order the inventory.
Sometimes, you need to follow the proper instructions to get the products. Some sock manufacturers in China allow custom socks. As per your needs, you can choose whatever method you like.
Here is what you can expect from them.

  • Custom products
  • Attach the brand label on the items
  • Access to factory
  • Wholesale rates

A China socks factory will offer you cheap rates compared to other sellers. In addition to price, you get extra perks too. Why not give it a try?

Socks wholesale suppliers:

These are third-party sellers. You can consider them intermediary agents that allow you access to quality inventory. Usually, they buy the socks from the factory and sell them to the brands at wholesale rates.
You might get the socks at a bit expensive rates from the wholesale suppliers as well. So, it all depends on your ease. What you choose and what not.

9 Socks wholesale suppliers

Chapter 7: Where should I source the China socks?

Is finding the Chinese socks hard for you? Maybe this is true. But, the case is a bit different. You have to find a quality wholesale vendor or China socks factory to get the best material for socks. And, how will you do that? It is no longer difficult. I have sorted out some top sources to get the socks.


Who doesn’t know Alibaba? If you are an eCommerce seller, probably, Alibaba is your priority. Am I right?
Alibaba is a wholesale platform where you can find all types of items. Many categories of products. Working since 1999, it is one of the most popular B2B sites for wholesalers or brands. 220 countries and 8 million wholesale vendors are not a joke.
No doubt you can find all types of inventory, but it has some negative points as well. For example, you don’t get the quality you expect. However, I have listed some pros and cons of Alibaba to help you understand why it should be your choice.


  • Works Globally. Alibaba is not only the best for Chinese brands, but also it is a top choice for international brands.
  • Excellent user interface. You will get the desired items handily.
  • Have questions in mind? Ask the incredible customer service team of Alibaba.


  • All products don’t have quality.

Made in China

Made in China is another wholesale website best for Chinese new year socks. You can get almost all types of socks from this website. Not only does it provide inventory at wholesale rates but also you have access to the best material for socks.
Made in China is working in B2B trading since 1998. Its headquarter is in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. It is not as big as Alibaba but has attracted numerous European brands for importing products.
The great thing about Made in China is a direct link between the sellers and buyers. For example, if you need Chinese white socks. Just go ahead and communicate with the suppliers. That’s all. You will get the products at your doorstep. Isn’t it so simple?


  • Provides the chance to connect with the suppliers, send them queries, and get the Chinese new year socks.
  • Access to quality products.
  • Easy to use website for the buyers and sellers.


  • Not as much popular as Alibaba.

Global Sources

Global Sources prevails the wholesale business in China. Leaving behind many of its competitors, it is in the race with platforms like Alibaba. Quality items and the wholesale rate is something Global Sources can provide you with.
Global Sources Limited has an extensive portion of China’s export. By that means a vital role in China’s economy. There are more than 40 categories to buy and sell on this website.
Medium or small-sized businesses import most of their inventory from this platform. Simply, great for Chinese white socks.


  • Excellent customers support. If you get sucked by a problem, contact customer support.
  • Better opportunity to buyers. Global sources focus on promotions.


  • 40 categories of products. It seems to be less when we compare it to its rivals like Alibaba.

Just China It

JustChinaIt is a sourcing company that allows you to access endless wholesale sellers. Don’t have time? Work with JustChinaIt to reduce your concerns.
We are working since 2010. Eleven years of experience makes our sourcing agents perfect for your products. No matter what you want, the best material for socks or any other products, we are there for you to help.
We have delivered almost 52,233 shipping cases to the doorsteps of our potential clients. Our services don’t end only on sourcing. Instead, you can get the price comparison, shipping, and warehouse services as well.


  • Data-enabled research to get the socks for your business
  • Wholesale rates are no longer a dream. Just China It can help you get quality products at cheap rates.
  • Easy to understand working mechanism.
  • Transparent payment transactions


  • Just China It is not an enormous source like Alibaba or Global Sources.

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