China Shoes Wholesale – The Complete Guide 2022

By HX Wenli
November 4, 2021

Chapter 1: China Shoes Wholesale Basics

What Is The China Shoes Wholesale?

What do you know about wholesale shoes in China?

Shoes are one basic thing everyone needs to go about our daily activities. And considering the population of China, it would not be surprising to discover that shoe production in China is very high. According to data from Statista, China is the leading footwear producer in the world.

In the last few years, China has improved its technology and machinery to manufacture competitive products throughout the world, and shoes are very much in abundance. What we see today is a growing interest in china shoe manufacturing where wholesalers have found a new and lucrative business – China shoes wholesale.

If you are thinking of funding a startup, you can give China shoes wholesale a go.

Why Is China Shoes Wholesale A Good Business?

Thousands of wholesale shoes businesses around the world get their goods from China. There are a couple of reasons why shoe marketing is ever-expanding in China. One of them is the possibility of getting every kind of shoes you want in China at lower prices.

China shoes wholesale

Due to the growing competition in the shoe industry, manufacturers often lower their prices to woo buyers, especially if you are purchasing in bulk. Another reason is that the low prices do not in any way affect the quality. China shoes enjoy good quality. Here are some reasons China shoes wholesale is a good business:

  • China manufacturers can accommodate bulk orders comfortably.
  • They can work easily with your shoe designs and price quotes.
  • Low production cost allows startups to be flexible in price determination.
  • The services are generally excellent with product quality assurance.

How To Find Reliable Wholesale Shoes In China?

China’s shoes wholesale industry is a large one, and you can quickly get lost finding good wholesale shoes. Getting China shoes wholesale you can rely on is not difficult. However, before you start buying, there are some tips you can use to secure reliable shoes with assured quality.

China shoes wholesale

Note that in getting reliable China shoes wholesale, your budget should not be too low, so you do not end up with unsellable products. Good products cost money, but you can always find a middle ground between your budget and reliable shoes.

  • Search for popular brands.
  • Monitor brands’ social media handles.
  • Look into China shoes wholesale market.
  • Read consumer reviews.
  • Look for trending shoes.
  • Consider shoe quality and production line.

Chapter 2: Know About China Shoes Wholesale

In 2017, Alliedmarketresearch reported that the global footwear market valuation was $246 billion, and that figure was expected to skyrocket to $371.8 billion by 2021. Currently, the same data shows that the Asia Pacific region has a 29% market share in terms of revenue, with China being the major contributor.

The above information tells you that there is a lot of money to be made in China shoes wholesale. However, it would be risky to jump into it without being familiar with the business. In other words, it is only safe if you take some steps to know about China shoes wholesale before diverting your funds there.

There are two key things you need to do before getting started with China shoes wholesale business. Think of them as the foundation of China shoes wholesale. The first is knowing the brands that produce wholesale shoes. The second task is to know where to find them.

Check Brands Making Wholesale Shoes In China

There are many brands in who manufacturer shoes in China. The footwear market in China is growing rapidly, and the Chinese are becoming more fashion-conscious. Coupled with their population, shoe brands are having a good time in their businesses.

Before you start making plans to buy shoes from china wholesale, you must find out about the different brands that are manufacturing Chinese wholesale shoes. Not all brands are into mass production, so you might want to make a list according to their production capacity.

You can easily find brands for Chinese wholesale shoes by using the tips below:

  • Check online for popular brands.
  • Look for brands that follow trends.
  • Go to their websites.
  • Read reviews from buyers’ forums.
  • Enter Chinese shoes wholesale market.

The information you get will help you make informed decisions when deciding the brands you want to choose. This step is a one-time task, and it is the basics of every other thing you need in the business.

Find China Wholesale Shoes Market

China shoes wholesale

Finding a Chinese wholesale shoe market is one very important step you must complete. The market is where it all happens. It is the seat of shoe vendors in China. It is better if you are physically present to tour their footwear markets. If you are not, you can rely on the internet and a third party.

You can find cheap trainers from China as well as wholesale designer shoes in the market. If you take the first step of knowing the brands in the market, your market study becomes easier. It is better to research the market with some brands in mind. You save time. You also save money if you employ a third party.

China shoes wholesale

As a bonus, we did some research on popular brands that manufacture Chinese wholesale shoes;

  • Anta – Chinese sneaker brand
  • XTEP – Chinese shoe brand
  • 361 Degrees – Chinese trainer brand
  • Peak – Footwear brand
  • Qiaodan – Sports shoe brand
  • Double Star – Chinese custom shoe manufacturer
China shoes wholesale

Chapter 3: Why You Should Go For China shoe Wholesale

From all indications, China is into massive production of shoes. With different brands putting their technology and ideas into manufacturing, you can certainly get the best deals in China shoes wholesale market.

China shoes wholesale is a growing business around the world. Wits Worldbank shows that China was the major shoe exporter to Japan, the United States, Germany, the UK, and Russia in 2019. Here’s why shoe sellers prefer wholesale shoe supplies from China:

Multiple Shoe Brands

It wouldn’t be a repetition to reiterate one unique feature of China shoes wholesale market. We can say China and Asia pacific population plays an important figure in the growing numbers of shoe brands in that part of the world.

China shoes wholesale

Shoe brands are into mass production of shoes for both local use and export. Going for china shoes wholesale gives you access to different brands. Interestingly, you can combine brands to make your footwear business a robust one.

Variety Of Shoes

Several brands manufacture shoes uniquely different in designs and use. These brands build shoe ideas to promote their brands. As brands continue to grow, so does shoe production expand. You can explore your options with an available variety of shoes from different brands.

Low Wholesale Costs

You get low wholesale costs when you buy shoes from China wholesale. This is one of the benefits of China shoes wholesale. You can get cheap China shoes wholesale as brands offer different discounts for bulk purchases.

We discovered that brands want to serve as many customers are they can retain. Slashing wholesale purchase costs is one of the strategies they use to woo customers.

Quality And Value

China shoes wholesale market is a very competitive one. While there is mass production to service the locals and international buyers, brands are very intentional about their shoe quality and value. Each brand is always trying to build something that makes them top the market.

We advise you to go for popular brands that are manufacturing shoes on a large scale. This is because they have existing quality assurance. You can go for upcoming brands too but be sure you trust them. Popular brands offer values recognized by more people compared to unpopular ones.

Bulk Purchase

Wholesale designer shoes China allows bulk purchase. This, you can do by combining many brands or sticking with one. Of course, you can shop for multiple brands, maybe 3 or 5. Brands in China have the capacity to handle large orders.

To use multiple brands for bulk purchases, you must create an agreement with them. An agreement builds a relationship you can always rely on any time you want to ship your shoes. Also, you do not need to shop at the wholesale market if you have a direct contract with them.

Cheap Labor Force

Labor costs in China shoes wholesale market are low due to large-scale production and employment of mass labor. Ultimately, the costs of shoes become very affordable. This is one of the things you get from China shoes wholesale. The cheap labor force does not affect shoe quality.

Chapter 4: How To Choose The Best China Wholesale Shoes Supplier?

China shoes wholesale

One of the things you need to set up for China shoes wholesale is a supplier or suppliers. Having a reliable supplier is essential to ensure smooth transactions. More importantly, a trusted supplier delivers quality goods without exploiting prices.

Each business has its structure and needs different from the other. We have helped many businesses import from China. While some cases were easy, some were not. But we have acquired exposure and experience in dealing with these businesses and their specific cases.

From our experience, we can share important tips buyers can use to secure the services of a trusted supplier for China shoes wholesale.

Find Popular Suppliers

There is a reason why some suppliers are popular and some and not. We advise that you look for suppliers with a large customer base and huge supply chain. Operations costs for these suppliers might be high, but you can be assured of safety and quality service delivery.

If you stumble upon an unpopular or middle-scale supplier, you can also arrange with them as long as you trust them and the arrangement suits you.

Talk To The Them

Highlight the suppliers you would like to do business with. The next step is to talk to them. Discuss what you need and go over what they can offer. Suppliers vary depending on their operations. For instance, some handle different kinds of goods like Alibaba and Shopify, while some only handle specific products auto parts.

One way to go about this is to evaluate your business model and analyze your niche and the market of your business. Streamline your options and talk to suppliers that match your business and can serve you better.

Compare Costs

Costs comparison is one of the popular methods you can use to identify your supplier. However, you should not let your budget only influence your decisions when choosing a supplier. Instead, compare service costs of different suppliers that can service your business.

China shoes wholesale

Comparing costs allow you to evaluate your budget and the value you want to get from the goods and also the supplier’s services.

Check Reviews

Reviews allow you to gauge expectations by looking from the eyes of existing customers of selected suppliers. Reviews say a lot about suppliers, and they will always do whatever it takes to be on the good books. A supplier’s website can lie, but reviews cannot.

Reviews can be from their websites or third-party sites. They are all useful in making the right supplier decision.

Ask For Samples

You might still not be sure which supplier you want to go with. If possible, you still have a couple of options at this stage, and you can request samples for them. Since you have evaluated your business model and the value you want, checking samples give you better insights into the best supplier.

Samples show what the suppliers are capable of delivering. This metric can help you see if the services of the supplier match your business. Your selection should be clearer at this point.


Lastly, negotiate with the supplier. If you have to speak with two or three, do so. Negotiations clear any doubts or objections you may have. Out of the three suppliers, you will certainly end up with a supplier that ticks most or all your boxes.

We advise that you conduct the negotiations by yourself. Find channels to speak with the supplier either through their admins or customer services. During negotiations, express yourself completely and ask questions. This is to create an open relationship where parties know the terms and conditions of the agreement.

Chapter 5: Popular China Wholesale Shoes Sellers

Some suppliers have continually satisfied buyers all around the world. Their operation base is wide, and they can conveniently handle large orders. They can supply varieties of shoes. Reviews show they enjoy a track record of quality service delivery.  

Alibaba (1688.Com)

Alibaba is one of the most used suppliers for China shoes wholesale and hundreds of other items. They are based in Hangzhou but have suppliers from all over the country. You need a wholesaler license to create an account for wholesale orders.

China shoes wholesale

Alibaba is a supplier itself but also has suppliers under it to make your shopping easier and in one place. They have varieties of shoes for wholesale, and there is a 30-day return policy. A similar supplier is AliExpress.


Chinabrands is a trusted supplier that specializes in dropshipping. They connect with multiple suppliers in China for the supply of quality shoes. Chinabrands offer B2B and B2C services, with shipping is done within 24 hours. This is a good supplier for small-medium businesses.


They are located in Beijing. DHGate focuses on selling items produced by small and medium-scale Chinese factories. You can say they are helping small enterprises. They have a very strong presence in wholesale shoes, with brands hovering all over their website.

They offer discounts and lower prices if you shop on their app instead of the website. You can also stumble upon free shipping offers. It is a perfect place to get more with low prices. Your payment is privately processed through their own system and not assessable by the individual supplier.


If you want to combine brands and use multiple suppliers, Made-in-China is your go-to place. They can help you connect with different Chinese suppliers. If you are a retailer and you would like to interact face-to-face with suppliers, you can apply on their website.  

China shoes website

Made-in-China has a large operation base where you can find many brands all in one place. Navigation is simple, and you will have no problem making bulk orders.


1688mainly serves local Chinese customers. However, you can check it out if you can pay in US currency when making purchases. If you live outside China, you need an agent that can purchase and ship your goods.

Most suppliers at 1688 do not offer international shipping, but you can get a third-party (independent) agent.


Yiwugohas over 200,000 suppliers and about 70,000 physical stores in Yiwu, China. They boast of over 1.7 million products with a huge selection of shoes. You can find everything you need on their website. Yiwugo shows the location of the suppliers on their page.

China shoes wholesale

Chapter 6: Cost Of Shipping China Shoes Wholesale

Generally, you are expected to pay for every service you get throughout the process of moving your goods from China to your country. Some other factors influence the total costs, which may vary. However, the fees explained below are a must-pay.

China shoes wholesale

Product Fee

This fee varies depending on the nature of the product you want to buy. For wholesale shoes, prices will vary because you are dealing with more than one brand and supplier.

Agent Fee

Sometimes you may want to employ the services of a third-party or independent agent. This may be to source your wholesale shoes or represent you before your suppliers. You need to part for the service. Also, there is a fee attached for the agent who will inspect your goods after arriving.

Custom Broker Fee

This fee is similar to that of an agent. If you feel you need a customs broker to smoothen your shipping process, you need to pay for the service. If you don’t employ a broker, it does not add to your total cost of production.

Inspection Fee

Since you are shipping your wholesale shoes from a different country, China, you may not be physically present. However, to ensure you are getting what you paid for, you should hire an agent to check the quality and quantity of the shoes. This is very important.

Import Duties

Your country will charge import duties for the goods entering it. Once your goods have landed in your country and are ready to be cleared, you are required to pay import fees to the authorities.

Warehouse And Entry Port Fee

You cannot miss this fee. If you are bringing in wholesale shoes in large quantities, you will need a warehouse to put them. It is more like a legal fee you need to pay to the port once your goods are confirmed to have landed in the port.

Chapter 7: China Shoes Wholesale Shipping Methods

There are three major modes of shipping your goods from China. These modes have their regulated costs per consignment. However, the following factors should influence the shipping method you choose.

  • Your budget
  • Quantity of the goods
  • Weight/size of the goods
  • Distance to your location
  • Urgency


Using air freight to move your goods is the fastest mode of transportation. However, it can be very expensive. Also, you might be limited to a certain size of goods. We advise that you use air transport if the delivery is urgent. It is fast, reliable, and safe to a large extent.


Sea shipping is another model you can use to ship your goods from China. One benefit of sea shipping is that you can load as many goods as you can pay for on the cargo. However, it can take days to receive your goods. It is much cheaper compared to air transport.


Carriage by rail is one of the cheapest modes of moving your goods from China. Like sea carriage, rail shipping allows you to load bulk quantities for transport. The mode is fast. However, it is only advisable if your country has working railway lines connected to China.


A good option if you are living in China. Costs incurred from road transport will depend on the number of goods and your location. Since you stay in China, you can also explore rail carriage, especially if you are shipping goods in large quantities.

Chapter 8: Documents Required For Importing China Shoes Wholesale

According to, you must obtain some licenses from some federal agencies before you can start shipping your goods. For China shoes wholesale, the process is fairly easy and straightforward. Most importantly, you need to complete some paperwork.

Commercial Invoice

This document is perhaps the most important in international transactions. The seller issues this document stating they are exporting the mentioned goods from one country to the buyer’s country. It is the proof of transaction between the seller and the recipient of the goods.

China shoes wholesale

Bill Of Lading

The document is issued by the carrier and shows the details of the goods in a consignment. It functions as a receipt the shipping company holds as evidence of payment for the goods. It is transferable and can be used to track the movement of goods.

Packaging List

This document has the details of all your goods that have been shipped upon your request. Each of your goods is detailed identified in this list. A packaging list shows the number of goods you are picking up when they arrive.

China shoes wholesale

Air Way Bill

In case you would be shipping your wholesale shoes through the airlines, you need to obtain the airway bill. Air waybill, like a bill of laden, shows the details of your goods. It also shows that your China shoes wholesale have been brought by that airline.

Certificate Of Origin

The certificate of origin shows the country where the wholesale shoes are being moved. In this case, the certificate of origin is China.  You can obtain this document from an authority in the country.

China shoes wholesale

Pro Forma Invoice

The seller issues this document before delivery is made. It is also called the preliminary bill of sales. The document shows the goods description and the amount payable for the goods before they are supplied.

Insurance Certificate

To protect against any loss or damage of goods, you can initiate an insurance policy. A certificate of insurance will be issued, and you can use it to recover any loss or damage resulting from the shipping.

Chapter 9: Methods Of Payment For China Wholesale Shoes?


Nothing beats cash payment. Suppliers prefer cash at all times, and they can give you cash discounts. It can be risky, however, if you are not satisfied with the delivery. You will also face the cost of the exchange.

International Wire Transfer

This is the most common and widely accepted by suppliers. The deal with international wire transfers is that the supplier will request a deposit to limit their risk. Also, you will bear the exchange cost.


You can agree with your supplier to put the payment in the hands of a third party like PayPal. This is to reduce the risk of both parties. The payment is secured until you receive the goods and are satisfied with them. You can use Alipay Escrow if you are buying through Alibaba.

China shoes wholesale

Debit Or Credit Card

The use of cards is not popular due to the risk they pose to the suppliers. There are can fraudulent transactions. Although some suppliers do accept international debit or credit cards, the fees are high. On your part, processing payment is easy and straightforward.

Wise Payment Mode

Payment with Wise is less complex compared to other methods. If you intend to make frequent transfers, this method is very effective. When you sign up, pay in your local currency, and input your supplier’s bank details. Your supplier will get paid in Chinese Yuan or US dollars.

Western Union

Western Union is another popular payment method. The process is fast, cheap, and easy to operate. The risk is that you are not protected once you transfer the money. Also, WU charges you through rate mark-ups, making you pay more for buying in Chinese currency.

China shoes company

Letters Of Credit

Some suppliers may insist on using letters of credit for payment. The paperwork is very complex, and the fees can be high, so it is mostly used for large transactions. Seek professional advice from your bank before using this method, as you will need them to receive the LC.

China shoes wholesale

Chapter 10: Negotiating Best Prices For China Wholesale Shoes

China shoes wholesale


Effective communication is key to getting the best out of your suppliers. Express your needs and expectations and be clear about them. When you create an open relationship, your supplier can be sincere with you.

China shoes wholesale

Research The Brands And Their Products

We already talked about checking the brands to see which suits your business model. We don’t advise jumping from one brand to another. Select one or three for long-term relationships. By researching brands and their products, you will get the necessary data about what they offer.

Prepare Price Data

After selecting your brands, prepare your own price data. Your initial budget should not be a strict metric to choose a brand. China shoes wholesale is value for the price. If you want high-quality shoes, be ready to pay. Price data should balance supplier’s quotes and your initial budget.

Approach Like A Big Player

It is very important to approach your supplier like a big player. Suppliers are likely to exploit you if they see you are not what they think you are. Show them you are a big-time buyer.

Avoid Showing Too Much Interest

When meeting suppliers or checking their samples, don’t seem too glued with the samples, so they think they caught you already. You might look cheap. Be skeptical and show them you know what you want.

Create A Negotiation Strategy

Suppliers are pro negotiators. They have met hundreds of buyers who approached them with the same price tags before you. A negotiation strategy helps you plan your approach better. It gives way to mutual reasoning.

Persist With Your Position

Stick with your position regardless of what the suppliers are pitching. Negotiations are quite tense sometimes; handling them with persistence shows professionalism. Nonetheless, you can always give a chance to reason if the bargain doesn’t put you in a difficult situation.

Have A Plan B

You cannot win a negotiation every time. Be ready to walk away from one supplier if an agreement is not looking possible. However, be sure you have an alternative supplier you can meet.

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