China Furniture Manufacturers -The Complete Guide in 2022

By justchinait
September 24, 2021

This guide will show you exactly how to find the best China furniture manufacturers.

  • Learning China furniture manufacturers
  • How to select your China furniture manufacturers
  • How to ensure your quality
  • How to ship your furniture orders
  • Lots more

So if you want to buy cheaper and improve your profit, this guide is for you.
Let’s get started.

Chapter 1 China Furniture Manufacturer Basics

What is China Furniture Manufacturer?

Making furniture by factories called China furniture manufacturers. They are the source of dealers. They make kinds of furniture for the house, hotel, and office, such as living room sofa, bedroom sets, coffee table, etc.
There are about 50,000 furniture factories in China. Actually, most of them are small and medium-sized companies. In fact, among them who have no brand name can make a lot of money.
According to GMA, the furniture industry almost shares 60% of total revenue in China. And it will rise in the next five years, $107.1 billion totally.

Why is China Furniture Manufacturer Important?

China became the biggest furniture exporter since the year 2004. The export figure grows to USD 282.66 billion in July 2021. This is the best proof to show how amazing trade in China is.
Here you can get three main benefits to import from China:

  • Get your furniture at a low price and high quality.
  • Find your unique type of furniture.
  • Get profit in your trade.

How can you do better for China Furniture Manufacturers?

An online channel will be your better choice. The data shows online furniture reached over USD 68.6 billion in 2019.
Compared with offline, you can see the online furniture portion growing from 2017 to 2019. And it is still active in the yearly forecast.

furniture sales in China by districution channel

Chapter 2 Get to Know China Furniture Factories

Look at the Most Furniture Factories in China

Guangdong is the center land of furniture factories in China. Both local people and foreign buyers rush here to get their perfect goods. Foshan (Shunde) can be your first choice to visit by its largest furniture market (Lecong Town) in the world.
Simply say, these furniture gathering places were divided by rivers.

  • Pearl River Delta: Shunde, Foshan, Shenzhen, and Dongguan.
  • Yangtze river delta: Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.
  • The Bohai Sea: Beijing, Heibei, Tianjin, and Shandong.

Observe Difference between These China Furniture Factories

Here you can easy to find their features in these cities selected.

ProsRich in nature resourcesHigh-tech and high skillsComplete chain of tools and facilities
Major inhigh-end materialSingle categoryMetal and Glass

Seek the Salable Type of Furniture in China

You can refer to these contents to seek your ideal type below:

Income data of the types

Living & Dining Room Furniture:

Shares a big portion of the total, which is 38% of the best furniture market in China. Seats and sofas play the main role in it.

Bedroom & Eco-friendly furniture:

People now focus more on their healthy lifestyles. A cozy bed or a high quality wardrobe can be the first priority.

A report shows that 72% of Chinese people prefer to buy premium furniture to protect their health. Hence that organic furniture without harmful things will be the future trend.

Kids Furniture:

All parents want to give their kids the best life. They will choose everything good for their kids, even with a high price. That’s why so important for you to be concerned about kids’ style.

Office Furniture:

China leads and exports office furniture at a world level. To boost the economy, more and more companies come out. Office furniture also becomes the main part overall.
Also, people are now aware of the forest ecosystem. Plastic and mental material replace the wooden in the office.

International furniture fair.

Here tow major and famous fairs you can have a look at.
CIFF: China International Furniture Fair. Founded for more than 20 years. Held March in Guangzhou and Sept. in Shanghai.

  • One-stop trading.
  • The latest trend and design.
  • Support a good life.
  • Create new business visions.

The China International Furniture Expo:

Held Sept. in Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC).

  • Export TRADE.
  • Meet furniture sellers.
  • Online global sourcing.

Chapter 3 Select Your Best Furniture Market in china

Comparing Your China Furniture Factories

There are so many options that dazzle your eye.
Set a score table to solve this in a short time. You can aim at key points. Like monthly sale, price, type, location, and so on. You can use some simple symbols to mark on your table.
The more items you mark, the more proper sellers you have. Here are some business types to know:

  • OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means you can ask them to provide your design.
  • ODM: Original Design Manufacturer. This kind of factory has its design and production line.

Assess Your Factories

In fact, this is easy for you to do. Those platforms online verified all sellers before settling in. You only need to select what you want on the sidebar to get a credible one. Here you can click Alibaba to try.

  • Go through company status: Such as business license and ISO identify.
  • Check the company model, capacity, business type (trading or factory)
  • Furniture quality: You can scan buyers’ comments to judge the quality firstly.

The whole company information will display on your screen. They even have their factory video to show what they’re like. If you still doubt the reality, verify them with some query APPs or pay for an agency.

Link up with Your China Furniture Manufacturers

Talking with each other is the best way to do things well.

You don’t need to worry about the language. Sellers can respond to you with simple words even they are older. Making money is the prime thing after all.

Chapter 4 Get Your Optimal Price

Inquire Your China Furniture Manufacturer for Quotation

Before you inquire about your sellers, you should concern about some things.

  • MOQ: Minimum order quantity. Not only you but also some stores have this rule to sale.
  • Type: One piece or some types together.
  • Budget: Try to balance your things with the quality criteria.

After thinking about this stuff, click the ’chat’ icon to start your flow. The more things you need, the lower price you get.

Negotiate with Your China Furniture Manufacturer

This section will be the most skilled thing in your purchase.
Even the online pages show you the price. You totally can talk about it with your seller. Chinese people are good at bargaining. They may not give you a lower price the first time. The only thing you need to do is try to reduce the price for several rounds. Show them your sincerity, let them know clearly about what you want. And make them feel you want to have a long-term cooperation. Thus you will get a much more realistic price.
In fact, please also pay attention to these points in your negotiation:

  • Ask for a reasonable price:

Don’t cut it too much, or this way will lower your product quality.

  • Concern about MAT cost and duty related to your goods.
  • Care about the exchange rate of your currency
  • Balance your needs and budget:

If you have higher requirements. Like getting a logo on furniture or requiring a unique design, or even needing a specific MAT. Then you have to accept a higher price. On the other hand, it will be lower.

  • Never show up your urge to your sellers:

It will make them feel easy to get your money, and that will be tough to reduce the price. Win-win will be a perfect way to develop your business with each other. So be patient and sensible.

Comparing Your China Furniture Factories Price

Even you think you already got an optimal price after your negotiation. Please still keep comparing with others. It won’t be wrong to do this at least three times. And then, the final quotation most likely exceeds your expectation.

Chapter 5 Guarantee Your Furniture Quality

Select Verified Factories

Remember you already scanned buyers’ comments before? That’s the first step to checking products quality. In fact, you can trust the quality of a credible online store by selecting the verified option. Take a picture of Alibaba as an example below.
Those verified by a world-leading inspection company (i.e., SGS, Bureau Veritas). They inspect multiple items to make them standard.

  • See-through selling page detail: MOQ, Lead Time, Shipping, and Protection
  • Feel free to contact service staff if you have any other needs.

Check Your Furniture

Due to the weight and costs of furniture, asking for a sample is hopeless. But you can require videos to check before it’s shipping. Do not feel stressed to get videos, and you must check the details as much as you can.
Another way to ensure your furniture quality is to hire a third-party agency. It’s always true.

Place an Order

It’s time for you to step forward.
Notice production capacity and payment terms. Here are some common payment items below:

  • L/C: letter of credit. Very safe, suitable for large goods, complex documents needed.
  • T/T: telegraph transfer. Lower safe but paperless.
  • Western Union/ Money Gram: not recommended for large businesses or strange people.
  • PayPal: very safe, fast for small business
  • Others: Visa/MasterCard/Bank Transfer.

Make sure of the settlement method with sellers. It is the key point thing. Mostly you need to pay 30% of the total price and clear the rest 70% after your deal closes.

Notice Your After-service of Your China Furniture Manufacturers

You may waste all your money and time once there is something out of control during your process. Also, it’s unlike to get a refund or return your goods from your seller. That is caused by the high cost and complex custom policy. And things you cannot predict or remedy all the time. So in case of this thing happen and protect your benefit, you’d better pay for a trade assurance via:

  • The online secure payment platform.
  • The third party or assurance agent

Please do not buy it offline in case of some scams.

Chapter 6 Shipping from China

Estimate Your Way of Shipping

The cost of freight will take a big part of your shipment. Finding the right way of shipping based on your conditions can help you reduce much more costs.

  • Import duties: the duty rate varies from country to country. Mostly you will pay 0% to 5% in Europe or may higher in Asia.
  • Your delivery date proposal: Remain enough time for your shipping. For most of time, it will take 15-30 days for shipping, depending on where you are.
  • Your shipping budget: Related to the quality and service of your shipping
  • Freight cost: Container, packaging, terminal handling, and broker fees.
  • Freight forwarder: It can save you a lot of time by finding an expert’s help. You just need to give your details to your agent. And then you can just let them go to handle it.

Choose Your Logistics

Having a high-quality service of logistics can help you reduce much risk and time. Unlike other smaller things, Sea Shipping will be your best choice to import. It’s the main method for global trade, suitable for large volumes, and cost-effective. There are two container options for you to choose from with sea shipping

  • FCL: Full Container Load. This means you can have the entire space of a container. It’s faster than LCL and also riskless.
  • LCL: Less than Container Load. This means you have to share it with others based on your small cargo.

Here are some global logistics shared for you:

  • DHL: There are about 380,000 DHL sites around the world.
  • FedEx: one of the main founding members of the logistics industry. It offers business applications as well.
  • United Parcel Service: Settled in Atlanta. Offers kind of logistics work
  • XPO Logistics: Leader in truck brokerage. Using advanced tech to exceed shippers.

Guarantee Your Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance can protect your things from loss and damage. It is worthy of paying for insurance in case of bad weather and strict policy.
The freight insurance fee is very cheap. It usually charges you about 50-100 dollars, depending on your shipment invoice.
You must keep tracking your whole shipping process. And keep every single paper to prove your loss is in the range of insurance coverage.

Chapter 7 Top 5 China Furniture Manufacturers


  • Basic Info: Opened in 1986. Large-scale modern home furnishing enterprise
  • Main Products: Panel style furniture, Mattresses, Sofas, Solid wood, Customized furniture,
  • Main Markets: Domestic 70%, South Asia 10%, North America 5%

Louvre Furnishings Group

  • Basic Info: Founded in 2000. Located in Lecong, Shunde. One of the leading brands in China.
  • Main Products: Kitchenware, Decoration materials, Lighting, Carpet. Panel / Solid wood furniture,
  • Main Brands: DAaZ, Light Space, Muusa, CBD Home, U+, Nature coir mattresses


  • Basic Info: It started in 1993. Listed on the main boards of Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2015. Develop brand globally since acquired Ekornes in 2018.
  • Main Products: Indoor furnishing, Furniture design, Plywood/Solid wood bending tech.
  • Main Awards: IF Product Design, The Best Creative 2017, Red Star for Innovative Design in China.

M&Z Furniture Co., Ltd

  • Basic Info: Started in 1989. It has design centers in Italy and China. And more than 2000 showrooms all over the world.
  • Main Products: Living room/Bedroom/Dining room/Children’s room furniture.
  • Main Projects: Hotel, Office

Shenzhen Zuoyou Furniture Co., Ltd

  • Basic Info: Founded in 1986. It became a high-end living room furniture leader with years of development.
  •  Main Products: Sitting room/Bedroom/Dining room/Tea room furniture

Now It’s Your Turn

I hope this guide showed you how to reach the best China furniture manufacturers.
Now I’d like to hear from you
Are you happy with the tips?
What’s your first movement?
Or maybe you still have some doubts about them.
Please free let us know, we will be happy to answer it.

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