7 Common Tricks You must Know When Dealing with Chinese Suppliers

By justchinait
January 20, 2021

1. Time-based work

The supplier will promise you to give you what you want at a certain point in time, but when the deadline is reached, the supplier will have various reasons to say that it can’t be delivered, and the rest is your anger and helplessness. , Complain to a higher level of the supplier, and then wait for the supplier to promise you a new node. Both parties are responsible for the occurrence of this situation, so do this:

Do a rhythmic tracking with the supplier, let the supplier know that I will always pay attention to the process. Don’t wait until that node is tracked. There is only one result waiting for you, and it is not completed.

Any conclusive conversation with the supplier must be recorded, and the supplier must sign and confirm, and the record is kept on file at both parties.

2. Any issues related to costs and interest rates (collectively referred to as money) mentioned by the supplier should be stopped immediately and clarified to the supplier: Whether you make money or not has nothing to do with me. It is your own business, which is related to our current situation. The things discussed have nothing to do with the company, and I don’t want to hear any questions about money from you in the future.

3. In reviewing problems and improving countermeasures, the countermeasures promised in writing, and the countermeasures operated by the supplier are usually different. When you find out, the supplier has various reasons to wait for you to listen. The only thing the customer has to do is follow up on the implementation of the countermeasures, preferably on-site confirmation. If any inconsistencies are found, they must stick to their position and let the supplier shut down the reason.

4. Be cautious of the “warmth” the supplier gives you. You will likely become a frog in warm water and lose your vigilance. The supplier’s warmth towards you is entirely out of business etiquette. When the other party says, “what engineer,” it’s essential that you don’t think you are an engineer. Develop a strategy for you. Some people say that suppliers do not cooperate or are not active. The customer causes more than half of the reasons. Because the words and deeds of the customer have made the supplier form a judgment, you are not active or cooperative. Not aggressive or cooperative. Professional + serious + cautious is the only way to win the respect of suppliers.

5. When the supplier says that the customer is God, then you are careful. This is the supplier’s biggest lie, and this lie makes you useless. The response often used is: God has also been fooled.

6. When suppliers mention a win-win situation, they do not think that they do not pursue or give up benefits. The prerequisite for a win-win situation is that the interests of both parties are the greatest.

7. The supplier’s deception is hard to guard against. The most effective strategy is to turn the supplier into “your person.” To set the supplier into “your person”, the supplier must be grateful to you, especially when the supplier commits crimes. When you make a mistake, you say in front of him: Knowing your difficulties and difficulties, I have made a lot of effort internally and tried my best to minimize the punishment. This strategy requires the cooperation of other internal departments to act. The principle is something else. After the department or its department gives the supplier a “slap”, then praise the supplier.

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